• Design your life
    Open doors
    become eXtraordinary
    take Action

  • realize Desire
    create Opportunity
    become eXceptional
    Achieve goals

  • Dedication

  • Let go, Focus,   
    Change, Prosper


Shift your thinking from stress to success and make Time work for you, with tools tailored to fit you and your life at home, school, work or anywhere in between.


Read 360 Degrees of Success and The Money Flow, the Bestsellers critics say contain "the perfect recipe for success", by the entrepreneurial coach who provides real-life results.

The Change $ Game

The new App. Connect with others. Connect with your own emotions, logic and common sense to reach ultimate success. Play the The Change $ Game and win at the Game of Life.

Passion Spirit Purpose

Wake up! Open your senses! Free your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers to explore the magic of this (and every) moment. It’s time to discover your passion and spirit—and let them shape everything you do at home, at school, at work, and everywhere in between.

Are you:

1. Overwhelmed by time?
2. Discontent with your current financial position?
3. Unhappy with your relationships?
4. Dissatisfied with your profession, business or current job?
5. Looking for personal change?


The mind’s dialogue with itself, asking itself questions and answering, affirming and denying, and finally making a decision.

Learn more about Ana's extraordinary self improvement and business success methods.

Are you:

1. Age 30-50?
2. A sales person?
3. A homemaker?
4. Working in a cubicle?

Effort-less aging

the DOXA Method empowers you to fulfill the 3 utmost essential areas in our lives.

1. Get in touch with your feelings – understand and validate them
2. Understand and validate the feelings of others
3. Transform you dreams, ideas, intentions into your reality

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! And reach optimal results by blending emotions (feelings) with common sense and logic, to make things happen for you and create happy results.

What we learned brought us a thriving business, increased sales, increased recognition, and increased overall success in all facets of the business and in our personal lives.

Gosia and Monika, Founders of Virgin Raw Foods

Her style is user-friendly and easy to follow. If you want to make changes in your life, Ana and her work will motivate, inspire and encourage you to move forward step-by-step to your dreams.

Amy Frost, MBA and MA Psychology, Life Manager

Some of the best advice I have heard, and some of the best lessons for stepping out and shining in a world where integrity and altruism stand to be such assets in the business world and beyond.

Colleen Black, Artist, Author

The Change $ Game

How we flow with change makes a huge difference in our lives. Play the game instead of feeling the stress of change.

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Ana Weber – President and Founder of E-play Magazine Corp – will be featured on MOVING AMERICA FORWARD – on successful entrepreneurship hosted by William Shatner Sunday March 5, 2017

In 157 pages, twenty-two chapters, an appendix, and endnotes, the author explores how to grow through a sense of empowerment. The initial chapter, which focuses on using the DOXA way, sets the stage for the rest of the book. DOXA is about Desire, Outstanding, Xing, out the impossible, and Allowing you to be you.

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With her books “The Money Flow” and “360 Degrees of Success” already on the bestseller list, Ana will introduce her newest book: “Passion, Spirit, Purpose." Read More!

Relationship Holiday Hang-Ups

From high expectations, financial worries or even judgmental in-laws, the holidays have a special way of adding stress to relationships. Find out how to help now! Click Here!

Ana With President Elect Donald Trump

Ana With Buzz Aldrin

Video From West Point


    Ana went from being a penniless immigrant from Eastern Europe to starting over in Israel and the United States, eventually becoming a successful executive and entrepreneur. She took a company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in five years, and another from $100,000 to $12 million in three years. Despite the recession, she […]


    The Money Flow explores our feelings about money, how most people allow money to enslave them either by craving it or fearing it, and how it’s possible instead to make money a friend and ally: a partner in achieving your life goals and your goals for the world that does not control you, but aids […]


    360 Degrees of Success gives you the tools and the formulas to create your 360 degrees of personal, professional and business success. You will learn how to link the 4 essential ingredients, Money, Relationships, Energy, Time … successfully in 90-180 days. If you are a professional—360 Degrees of Success is for you! A student graduating—seeking […]

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  • Compromise Isn’t Settling!

    All relationships require compromise. We negotiate, we give in on certain things, and we hold fast to others that we feel are too much a part of our identity to give up on. Again, it’s all about choices. To take a silly example, if it really matters to your partner whether the toilet paper sits […]

  • New Book Release: Cover Design is Complete!

    Ana’s soon-to-be-released book, Passion, Spirit, Purpose now has a face! You can now pre-order her upcoming book and receive a special bonus. CLICK HERE for bonus details. We’d love your help sharing Ana’s newest book. Thank you, in advance, for your love and support.

  • Living in the Now of DOXA Desire

    It’s an act of bravery to be vulnerable and fragile and confident enough to let go and spread out all we own. A wise man once told me that we need to learn how to give it all up in order to get it all back. A Big Awakening. So, while I was going through […]

  • See Ana in Germany!

    Ana Weber will be attending the world renowned FRANKFURT, GERMANY Book Fair October 19-23, 2016. She also has an opportunity to speak during this event and introduce her two bestselling books: Money Flow 360 Degrees of Success As well as her upcoming book: Passion, Spirit, Purpose 3 Formulas to Introduce the DOXA METHOD to Empower […]

  • Life Mysteries

    Life mysteries infuse so much energy into our lives. They are the ups and downs we all experience and practice. The mysteries of life are filled with unknown events rising and inviting our feelings and emotions. Emotions and feelings lead to the choices we pursue and take charge of. Where would we be without feelings? […]

  • Where’s Ana This Summer?

    Follow Ana this summer as she travels the world inspiring others with her message: June 24 – 26, 2016 – THE PALACE, SAN FRANCISCO UDEMY INSTRUCTOR EVENT FEATURING: 360 DEGREES OF SUCCESS August 2016 – CANYON RANCH, ARIZONA October 28, 2016 – Universal Music, London For more information on these events and others, visit: https://anaweberdoxa.comspeaking-self-improvements/

  • Find Your Passion, Spirit, Purpose, and Connection—the DOXA Way

    Wake up! Open your senses! Free your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers to explore the magic of this (and every) moment. It’s time to discover your passion and spirit—and let them shape everything you do at home, at school, at work, and everywhere in between. I want you to love your life, the way […]

  • Time, my special companion!

    Once more you cannot come soon enough….. You pace only in the speed you can and will At times, we wish the moment to never end…… Stay and keep us company It feels so right , be here ………. A hug, a kiss, en embrace, a smile a feeling? Once more we wish it came […]

  • 5 Mega Questions

      Questions and answers! And the bridges in between. These 5 MEGA QUESTIONS will enhance you meeting someone for the first time and take you a step further, lower that feeling of discomfort and newness: Where are you from? What is your favorite hobby? What do you like to do for fun? What is your […]

  • Summer with all its beauty!

    August is a spectacular month, marking the depth of summer and the spell of vacation time. For many years, I’ve been accustomed to take vacation in August and go somewhere special; a new place with a new scent and a new feeling to embrace and enjoy. This year August has come and gone. I did not […]