Find Your Passion, Spirit, Purpose, and Connection—the DOXA Way

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Wake up! Open your senses! Free your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers to explore the magic of this (and every) moment. It’s time to discover your passion and spirit—and let them shape everything you do at home, at school, at work, and everywhere in between.

I want you to love your life, the way I love mine.
Loving my life, with its many tumultuous transitions, wasn’t easy or quick. I’m a double immigrant who started from nothing, twice—and had quite the checkered career (you’ll hear more about this throughout the book). English is my fourth language. I had to learn how to immerse myself in happiness even when things seemed desperate.


I’d like your journey to be shorter and easier.
Let me show you the way, and shortcut the many painful twists and turns I had to take. I’ll share with you the many success formulas I struggled to understand through years of trial and error, years of failing and getting up again.

All of us can learn to wire ourselves for success.
Yes, even when life seems like an endless series of unexpected and frightening challenges. We can still choose how to respond, and our choices change the outcome.

My Best Success Secret: The DOXA Method
The best success formulas are simple—because simple formulas are easy to remember and easy to make a part of your life. The DOXA formula, one of my favorites, has only four steps:

D – desire
O – outstanding
X – X out the impossible
A – allow you to be YOU

We can put this into practice in every part of our lives—into all life’s puzzles, mysteries, and desires. As we focus on these four steps, we transform thought into action and create the life we choose.

You can begin to experience the joy of knowing you’re doing what you came to this life to do. Even if it’s not utopia, learning to love your life and fully appreciate it is still enormously satisfying. Better yet, your positivity will be contagious; you’ll attract interesting, compassionate people who can help you.

Never again will you have to feel isolated, alone, or robbed of opportunities.

I’ve given you just a taste of my newest book: Passion, Spirit, Purpose: 3 Formulas to Introduce the DOXA METHOD to Empower You to Love Your Life. CLICK HERE to find out how you can Pre-Order 10 copies and receive my best-seller, The 10 Money Flow Tips, as a bonus!

Come and be part of this magical journey!