Life Mysteries

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Life mysteries infuse so much energy into our lives. They are the ups and downs we all experience and practice. The mysteries of life are filled with unknown events rising and inviting our feelings and emotions. Emotions and feelings lead to the choices we pursue and take charge of.

Where would we be without feelings?

The puzzles of life will help us create a certain foundation, ownership of our actions and a solid place to build on. These mysteries may drive you here and there and often drop you off at an undesired destination. The wisdom is to when and where we filter our emotions and reduce cold calculations and logic.
Feelings represent the fuel charging our entire being. When we feel good, we express a great attitude towards life and life obstacles. When we feel loved and wanted, we express the same energy outwards.

But what happens when we don’t?
How can we influence and change that in an instant? Interestingly enough, when we filter our approach and shift it, in a second, something special happens. We express love, care, and interest even though we felt lousy minutes before. The energy reciprocates and we get filled up with new enthusiasm, feeling good about what is out there for us.

The mysteries of life enhance our lives from uneventful, boring and existing to living, exploring and experiencing. We may choose at times no mysteries… running away from them but we can never run away from feelings. We cannot lose ourselves in the process of living.

The mysteries of life open and expand our thinking and the awareness to what is around us and filling our daily lives. They also lead us to question the unknown and research and grow as individuals and a group. The unknown, at times, shows a need to be left unknown, when it’s a on a higher level of frequency and faith.

Can you ever touch faith? Even though it’s not tangible, it is magical,rewarding and powerful. The same applies to life mysteries. At times, there is no need to question. Just show up and let it fold or unfold.

Where you spend your energy will impact your choices and life results.

I cannot tell you how many times I felt, “Why is this person not getting me? Why is this individual so cold and so detached? Or why are they so co-dependent on me?”

Life is a scale tipping to the right and to the left. Back and forth. It is our commitment to keep it stable and balance it with our feelings and common sense; i.e. befriend the two. The connection between the two: solving the puzzle and living the mystery is a bridge filled with desires.

Dreams and desires ignite our passion, raising our spirit and getting us one step closer to the purpose. A life without purpose is an empty bowl. It might be shiny, colorful and durable but it is still empty. We, as people, may fill this bowl with our life experiences. With each level of experience we fill the bowl with wisdom, energy and love.

Dreams and desires become our companions traveling from the present to the future, letting go of past challenges, giving us a sense and a taste of purpose and fulfillment. One step further… it’s replenishing our dignity and our sense of belonging. We take the driver’s seat in our life vehicle and we are centered. We want to be loved and give and enjoy but we are no longer co-dependent on that.

We flow with life and life flows with our complete being.

Regardless to what role you want to assume in life or many roles, you are promised to shine through the cracks of life and stand out with so much to offer. I am not referring here to success. I am referring to happiness. Success might not be your aim but happiness each and every one of us earns. Desires keep us on our toes and make us go for it and get it; in a loving way, simply because you learned how to apply logic with feelings; when one cup of feelings measures more than a cup of logic and vice versa.

The Doxa method is unveiling the simple secrets leading you the way with the 3 ordinary words creating the A.B.C. formulas and you will see the difference in a short period of time.

Make a plan and the DOXA method will show up for you just like for thousands of people I’ve shared the DOXA METHOD.

The 3 formulas are: ATTRACT | BELIEVE | CREATE


When you filter your choices, solve your life puzzles and become aware of what is right there for you, you have the ability to attract your desires one by one. Your attraction will show up with realistic results and tangible outcomes. You become all that you attract and the two of you will be inseparable driving your life vehicle. We want to look attractive and noticed by others. That is the shell from the outside. The internal attraction will fill your spirit and enlighten you over and over again.


Believe in yourself and believe in what you feel and attract. Believe in your desires. They belong to you and you have ownership completely. Believe that all is out of your control, all that goes against you and all that DOES NOT FLOW is for your own good. Believe that you can change the course of your life by a simple choice. Please by all means, don’t believe in everyone and everything. When you attract the right energy you will also be able to tap into your soul, spirit and mind.

You will believe that nothing is impossible and there is no better time than the now to take the first steps towards your purpose.


Creating is endless. Creativity leads us to the higher powers. To attract and believe and design the life we love. Creativity will reduce life stresses, increase our ability to express, slow down the aging process and build and color a life that will withstand the mysteries of life and empower us to look at the puzzle and solve it with a creative mind and approach. Creativity takes us to a place of joy, freedom and love.

If you play guitar or you paint or you choose to write. Each and every facet of creativity gives us a certain satisfaction, a glimpse of hope and a feather made of passion. As we get older and hope to be wiser we tend to lose that passion seed AND the purpose or the desire to build something new or continue something we started long ago unfinished.

When we practice the DOXA method, we come to realize that it’s never too late to plant new seeds and watch them grow or continue to plant seeds we gave up on long ago. People from all walks of life talk about, “One day when I retire I will pursue this or that” and I respond “Why retire?” Hire all that you have accomplished through life and make it to use.

Each and every inch of you is valuable, unique and special.

Look at your pantry; are you waiting for the packaged flour to get spoiled after the expiration day or would you prefer to bake something now? Please don’t misunderstand the message.

Today is your best day to pursue DOXA and you too will learn to love your life.

Why choose differently?

D – desire
O – outstanding
X – X out the impossible
A – allow you to be YOU

Try for exercise and transform your DOXA experience for what you intimately desire. I am here for you.

Love and more love,