Living in the Now of DOXA Desire

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It’s an act of bravery to be vulnerable and fragile and confident enough to let go and spread out all we own. A wise man once told me that we need to learn how to give it all up in order to get it all back.

A Big Awakening.

So, while I was going through my big awakening and shifting from unbelief to believing, I began to paint—first with acrylic, and later oil. I squeezed in painting between cooking meals, cleaning up, showering, going out and all other activities. I was hooked; even my marriage took a back seat.
With each soul searching and soul cleansing step, I painted—and expressed myself more deeply. Not surprisingly given my depression, I started off with dark brown and grey modern expressions. There were shadows and clouds and umbrellas in the dark. As I moved toward my internal liberation and emotional freedom, I transitioned from dark colors to lighter and brighter colors, using apple green, bright yellow—painting small and medium circles in Chinese red and cobalt blue, inserting various shapes, creating unique and original art. It was my way of moving from all that I felt and knew—from dark and doubtful to opening and believing.
A Conscious Effort.

As we get older, we might have to struggle a bit to maintain our creative juice. Too often, we deplete our passion. But that passion to practice and express and refill our internal juices with creativity and ultimately stay with the purpose and never let it go is still vital; it just takes more conscious effort. Remember: the famous painter Grandma Moses never picked up a paintbrush until age 77; Picasso painted into his 90s.

That’s why I’m so driven to share my life and its many lessons with you. This is my authentic intent to invite you and share and infuse the DOXA method into your life.  If that desire to stay creative is the only thing you walk away with after reading this book, you’re already embarking on a new journey as you begin to dwell in the enormous difference it will make in your life.

It’s too easy to bury our passions under good intentions to do it later. Don’t wait! Live the life you have, right now! You may not be able to work on your passions full time, but please, please, please don’t wait until you retire, or until you accumulate “enough” savings, or until you’ve found a life partner. That’s a huge mistake that so many people make.

Our Real Work.

If you get hit by a truck or develop a life-threatening illness in a year, and you never began your real work in the world, won’t you feel cheated? Start now. Doing what really matters to you might even help you attract that life partner or that level of material comfort.

Think of it like discovering a jar of flour in your pantry. You want to bake something wonderful now, not put it away for years until it’s gone rancid.

Remember: each and every inch of you is valuable, unique, and special—right now! Yes, you’ll get more valuable, unique, and special with time—but that’s a ripening of the power already within you. You don’t need to wait.

Understand This Message.

The DOXA method is for anyone searching for answers, anyone lost or deprived of love, anyone looking for a deeper connection with others, anyone already on a path to happiness and fulfillment.

To refresh your memory:

  • D – desire
  • O – outstanding
  • X –  X out the impossible
  • A – allow you to be YOU

I’m here for you on this journey, with love.