Time, my special companion!

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Once more you cannot come soon enough…..

You pace only in the speed you can and will

At times, we wish the moment to never end……

Stay and keep us company

It feels so right , be here ……….

A hug, a kiss, en embrace, a smile a feeling?

Once more we wish it came and gone quicker than the speed of light, the other side of the coin, emotions and common sense fights us, the chase we never seem to conquer?

Accustomed to the vibration for so long and yet long for that moment of freedom………….

While the only thing that can keep us company

And bring us closer to you

Patience and knowing that you can and will

Make it a reality in the past

As the present will sweeten our lips with dreams

Continue to come wrapped with hope, faith and understanding


No fears, no doubts, and no worries

You can, but you will not let us down

Time, you are the symbol of life

The everlasting clock we must follow…………

I cherish you, I love you and as I move forward to a new page I become more inquisitive; there has to be more….

Aging and time holding hands —- never let go!