Coaching Programs & Products

Work and Professional Coaching

Effective tools how to pro act with stress, advance in your career, position management, training, leadership and engagement for a successful career and so much more. 10 Hour session.


Intimate Relationships

Intimate Relationships is all about connecting, understand, validate, let go and keep the momentum throughout the journey.

Personal satisfaction, communication, support, bonding and enthusiasm. 12 Hour session.


Family Relationships

Family and children relationships are never one size fits all Ana will empower you to learn to shift hats, your approach to solve problems and most importantly increase communications Validate and get the results you want moving forward. 12 hour package.


Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching will teach you the 5 essential steps to reach happy and lasting and successful relationships A complete awareness program. 14 hour package.


Mind Body Spirit Coaching

increase passion – elevate spirit and find your purpose- develop skills to learn to love your life – shift your roles in life- blend emotions with common sense – how to activate your law of attraction – a powerful foundation for life to build on. 14 hour sessions.


Intimate Coaching

Intimate coaching offers tremendous formulas and tools how to get unstuck, learn to let go and move forward – take total action in the present time. Create the results you seek. 14 hour session.


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is all about personal development – internal leadership building skills – balance emotions and logic skillfully (complete Doxa method empowerment – excel outer leadership skills – 17 hour session.


Business Coaching

These sessions will provide you specific, clear and realistic tools how to elevate your business success and keep maintaining your business successfully

Ana’s expertise; manufacturing industry, medical industry, service industry, hospitality and distribution industry. 17 hour session.


Coaching Products


The Money Flow: 360 Degrees of Success

Passion spirit purpose for sale $12.00 includes shipping and handling (special discounted price)



360 Degrees of Success Course

On and complete course 360 degrees of success with graduation certification course is offered at $35.00 per course course is offered at $125.00 no transfers are permitted or photocopy of courses

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Companion Workbook

Passion spirit purpose workbook at the discounted price $39.00 includes shipping. Savings $7.70 per book.