Summer with all its beauty!

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August is a spectacular month, marking the depth of summer and the spell of vacation time.

For many years, I’ve been accustomed to take vacation in August and go somewhere special; a new place with a new scent and a new feeling to embrace and enjoy.

This year August has come and gone. I did not take my yearly vacation. I chose to stay home and attend to responsibilities and house chores. The month flew by regardless but at the end of the month as I was staring at the calendar on my desk, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the date; August 31st. 2015

I sat looking at the calendar with thoughts flashing in and out of my calm but inquisitive mind.

What happened? Why the change? Where am I going to take my next vacation and when was the question.

Yes, we become creatures of habit, pursue familiar actions, and wonder when things take off in a different direction.

This year I am taking my vacation in October and November. I am attending a wedding overseas. I feel very excited and am looking forward to the fall weather outside my familiar territories.

Vacations do refuel and recharge our internal batteries and most importantly energizes us to welcome all that is waiting for us after.

What are your plans for August 2016? I don’t know yet, but one thing is certain I will take a few days off and just chill. Where will that be, I am not sure of, but I will nevertheless have a great time, appreciate, and relax in the moment.