WE have to eat!

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You know the expression; some people eat to live and others live to eat.

No judgment but I personally, eat to live and often I find myself in the kitchen after a long day at work. Cooking and preparing meals for the next day, lunch and dinner

It makes my life easier. I prepare the main dishes the night before for 1 – 2 days ahead and add a salad or a fresh pasta, potatoes, rice or vegetables to enhance the freshness and get as much nutrition as possible.

I learned to cook from my Mother. She is a fabulous cook and throughout my personal journey I learned to introduce more and more dishes to my culinary expertise and cook not only Hungarian or Romanian but Italian, French, Mexican, and Continental, American and of course Mediterranean.

We’ve got to add some flair and flavor to our daily lives and by changing and shifting meals I’ve been accustomed to prepare a shopping list for the week and apply the list to healthy and tasty meals.

People from all over the world have asked me; what did you put into this dish? What are the spices? What kind of meat did you use? And the questions have been coming over and over again. My answers are always simple and straight to the point. I deeply believe that one of utmost important ingredients in every dish is a bit of salt, Hungarian Paprika, slow cooking, patience and love.

By all means I add other ingredients; however these are the main secret ingredients I use in each and every meal. I love to cook. It is relaxing, it makes me think and I love to create and improvise in the kitchen. I am not crazy about doing dishes or cleaning pots and pans however when I think of the end result; the kind of energy, and attitude and mind thinking these foods contribute to; I devote my time to cooking.

I was wondering and take this opportunity and ask you; what are your favorite dishes? Do you like to cook? What type of restaurant do you like to dine in?

What does food mean to you?

Do you eat the foods that love you BACK?