A smile and a song can change the course of your day!

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I was ten years old at the time. My Mother and I moved from Europe to the Middle East and Mom had no means to maintain a household and times were rough.

She enrolled me into a 24/7 school, where orphans and poor children were going to school, and work 4 hours daily to contribute to living existence.

I was a city sleeker prior to moving to a dorm with 3 other girls close to my age. Actually I was the youngest but considering that I had a short childhood, I felt older not to mention I am an only child and Mom and I were very close to each other.

It was so hard at first to live in a strange place and getting accustomed to learn a new language and totally new surroundings; country place, cows roaming around, horses, chickens and olive, orange, grapefruit and lemon trees. Birds were singing in the air and I did not feel at home at all.

But something big happened; I remember it as vividly as it was only yesterday.

My first assignment was given to me to collect chicken eggs in the morning; put the eggs in containers and leave them outside to be picked up my big trucks and take them to the respective destinations.

My first day I was too scared as I looked around the place and all I saw was angry chickens. They were screaming in their own language and so protective of their eggs. I was afraid to touch and collect any. It’s needless to say I did not accomplish the task successfully and as I walked to my class I found myself feeling lonely, upset and crying the entire way.

The second day I was so intimated by the chickens that without realizing I started to smile and sing my famous aria from Rigoletto, one of Verdi’s composer’s pieces I favored. Mom took me to the Opera every month so culture was my foundation and not collecting chicken eggs in the barn. As I was singing and smiling I’ve realized the chickens moved back to their place and made room for me to collect the eggs.

I began to collect hundreds of eggs and each and everyday passing by without noticing the miracles wrapping the event I ended up collecting more than any of the other kids without realizing what was the cause.

Only when one of the managers asked me what is that I do when I enter the chicken barn I responded quietly and in a shy fashion. I smile, I greet them good morning and I sing the Rigoletto Aria. He was stunned and so was I when I found out that such an act contributed to fear ignited my success.