Bestselling Author Ana Weber

The DOXA Method - Transport Your Fears Into Success!

The DOXA Method is a revolutionary, effective, and realistic method Ana applied for over twenty-five years at the organizations she held positions - such as CFO, CEO, COO, VP of sales, and VP - or relationships for the various industries like manufacturing, automotive, development, medical device, and hospitality industry.

The DOXA Method has a direct link to leadership and business success. It teaches us how to transport fear and transform fear into success in all areas of life. This method proves us that we can use fear to lead us to happiness and exceed accomplishments.

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Find Your Passion, Spirit, Purpose, and Connection—the DOXA Way

Wake up! Open your senses! Free your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and fingers to explore the magic of this (and every) moment. It’s time to discover your passion and spirit—and let them shape everything you do at home, at school, at work, and everywhere in between.

I want you to love your life, the way I love mine.

I’ll share with you the many success formulas I struggled to understand through years of trial and error, years of failing and getting up again. All of us can learn to wire ourselves for success. Even when life seems like an endless series of unexpected and frightening challenges. We can still choose how to respond, and our choices change the outcome.

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360 Degrees of Success

360 Degrees of Success gives you the tools and the formulas to create your 360 degrees of personal, professional and business success. You will learn how to link the 4 essential ingredients, Money, Relationships, Energy, Time ... successfully in 90-180 days.

If you are a professional, 360 Degrees of Success is for you! A student graduating and seeking employment: 360 Degrees of Success is for you! If you have an entrepreneurial mind looking to open up a business, then 360 Degrees of Success is a must read. If you are a homemaker looking to find happiness and reduce your stress in life, 360 Degrees of Success is for you!

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The Money Flow

In The Money Flow, bestselling author Ana Weber explores our feelings about money, how most people allow money to enslave them either by craving it or fearing it, and how it's possible instead to make money a friend and ally: a partner in achieving your life goals and your goals for the world that does not control you, but aids you. The Money Flow furnishes you with simple, friendly and effective tools to create and design your own life success; enjoy the process and live a life filled with quality, freedom and contentment.

The Money Flow supplies you with tremendous benefits you can introduce to and apply in your own life.

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