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What happens to us and how do we re-act to this powerful word “NO”.

We live in a “YES” society and instant gratification and it’s needless to say that naturally we want to hear  “yes” to all that we desire and do. Ultimately we overlook and dismiss the power and the results of “No”


“No” will lead us to thinking, growing and precious learning’s.

I’ve come to realize the effect of the “NO” a few years back and I must say that it changed my entire outlook on life; ultimately I learned to extract the seed of understanding and why pro-acting with “no” can and will change the course of your life and give it a whole new scent.

Jack came home one day looking tired and down. He walked upstairs to change clothes and freshen up for dinner. Victoria – his long time significant other met him on top of the stairs: “honey” you are home, she said; great! let’s go out for dinner tonight, are you up to it?

He nodded his head “No” and she frowned. Victoria went downstairs to get a glass of water. Her intuition lead her to think that something was terribly wrong. Indeed, a few minutes later; he came down and met her in the kitchen. What’s up she asked? Sit down, please Jack said. She knew it did not sound good and she sat down on one of the chairs at the kitchen table. He looked her straight in the eye and with a pale face he expressed the following: Vicky, we had amazing times together, but now it’s time to go our own way. I no longer feel the same way about you or “us” and please understand it’s not personal, it’s a choice I am making for both of us. She couldn’t even respond to his words; feeling completely depleted and drained. Her entire world rolled upside down and her emotions were ripped.  Can I get back to you on this tomorrow; she said. I need to think about this. He responded quickly; “NO” IT’s my final decision. She knew right then and there that her life took a whole new turn and there was nothing she could do but feel the pain and ask herself; “where did I go wrong”.


They went their own way. It took Victoria an entire year to get over this dramatic event but she did. Jack is still searching for the “one” and as they say; life moved on.


Many of us can relate to this event and many of us struggled with OUR EMOTIONS over and over again, but one thing is certain; change. Change is guaranteed and the way we choose to flow with change will determine the “yes” and “no”s in our lives over and over again.


Sometimes the “No” can save us from harsh choices and accept them.