Finding What Makes You Happy

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HOW do you get across the bridge from being unhappy for so long to finding what makes you happy and furthermore do what makes you happy?

Attitude is the key. The emotions building your attitude at the beginning of each and every step you take in your day-to-day life will determine the shift.

The Link between Attitude and Beginnings

Beginnings make a huge mark on our lives; they impact our lives inside out and outside in. Life is filled with beginnings. For example, beginnings occur after these events: learning to drive a car, starting off a running match, winning a tennis game, an exam, learning to cook a meal, starting a new relationship, diet and/or exercise program.

Without beginnings, nothing happens. This is reality: beginnings are the alphas of life. The question we need to ask ourselves; why are we all so concerned about the outcome, the omegas of life.

In the process of being concerned with results, we overlook and dismiss the importance and the beauty that lies in those very first beginning steps. Think and feel the moment of the new beginnings. When you see the first steps your baby takes, what do you do? Run to take a photo, cry, get happy and attach a huge value to that moment. This is celebrating the beginnings of the event!

The same applies to everything we chose to pursue in life; but instead of marking the moment of other beginnings, we often elect to forget all about beginnings and seek instant gratification. We forget the process and aim towards the end result, and then wonder so often why the results are so poor and unsatisfactory. We become troubled, consumed and ultimately disappointed and angry; why didn’t it work out? Why am I unhappy and why am I feeling down overwhelmed with life responsibilities and life expectations. We get stressed and the aging process is accelerating with a full speed whether we like it or not.

In fact, it’s all up to you; the free choice you have and all that you are passionate about. You control how you start off your race; your beginning steps and the attitude you apply and infuse into what makes you tick and feel liberated?

Happy day!